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(Computer Article)

Cataloging and Travel
by John P. Reid

by John P. Reid, In May 1993 this column reviewed Collectorpro 2.52 for antiques collectors. It was a DOS program. In May 1994 the first Collectorpro for Windows (version 3.2) was reviewed. In the ensuing decade a new version has appeared every couple of years. The latest has ... (Read More)

(Computer Article)

Computer Threats
by John P. Reid

by John P. Reid, Spam on the Decline? In the February 2004 issue of M.A.D. this column discussed spam (junk e-mail) at great length. It was enough to discourage some people from using e- mail. It reported that in a 45-day test period I received 2168 e-mail messages, of ... (Read More)
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