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New Show in Massachusetts
by M.A.D. staff

Joshua and Rachel Gurley of Gurley Antique Shows will open a new show, The Fancy Flea at Edaville—Vintage and Antiques Fair, at the Edaville Family Theme Park in Carver, Massachusetts, on Saturday, June 22. The focus of The Fancy Flea will be vintage goods and antiques. By running it at the Edaville Family Theme Park, the ... (Read More)


J. Levine Files Bankruptcy
by M.A.D. staff

On March 15 J. Levine Auction & Appraisal LLC, Phoenix, Arizona, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Court documents show the estimated number of creditors as 200 to 999. The company, established in 2009, has assets of $100,001 to $500,000 and liabilities of $1,000,001 to $10,000,000. The 20 largest unsecured claims total ... (Read More)


Where Have All the Portraits Gone?
by Bettina A. Norton

Peter, Paul, and Mary’s plaintive song strikes a chord in the ongoing search for some missing portraits by 18th-century Salem, Massachusetts, artist Benjamin Blyth (1746-1811). He was an enigmatic man about whom little is known, despite that many of his portraits, primarily pastels, have been used in numerous publications over ... (Read More)

(Issue Story)

Tom Swope Gallery, Hudson, New York
by Frank Donegan

In the Trade Perhaps it’s not entirely surprising that Tom Swope should end up selling archaeological stuff. As a kid, he lived for a time on a Navajo reservation and in a Hopi pueblo. “Growing up on an Indian reservation, you’d just see potsherds lying around on the ground,” he said. Tom ... (Read More)


Richmond Furniture
by M.A.D. staff

The first-ever exhibition dedicated to Richmond furniture, Classical Richmond Furniture: Early American History & Craftsmanship in Virginia’s Capital, is open through May 31 at the John Marshall House, Richmond, Virginia. The exhibition was curated by Michael S. Phillips. There are 20 Richmond-attributed pieces at the John Marshall House, and Phillips brought ... (Read More)


Art Deals Lead to Lawsuits
by Clayton Pennington

Deals to buy three pieces of art—two contemporary and one Impressionist—have led to a lawsuit and a countersuit, with both parties claiming the other didn’t hold up their side of the bargain. The money involved is substantial— $645,000. Art dealer Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, who runs art galleries under the name HG Contemporary ... (Read More)

(Computer Article)

Books in the Internet Age
by John P. Reid,

Computer Column #364 Books are old-fashioned but still important. They provide information that may have been long forgotten. No one library could hold a minute fraction of the books of the world. Searching for specific books is a necessary skill for a researcher. Antiquers may need book references to trace the provenance ... (Read More)


Stacy Hollander Departs American Folk Art Museum
by Lita Solis-Cohen

Collectors and the museum world were shocked to hear that Stacy C. Hollander, deputy director for curatorial affairs, chief curator, and director of exhibitions at the American Folk Art Museum (AFAM) in New York City, is leaving on June 30 the museum where she has worked for 34 years. Hollander said ... (Read More)


Supreme Court Decision Changes Sales Tax Policies at Auction Houses
by Frances McQueeney-Jones Mascolo

In an e-mail sent on March 26, Josh Eldred, president of Robert C. Eldred, Inc., East Dennis, Massachusetts, notified clients of recent changes in sales tax laws that will require the imposition of sales tax on all objects shipped to New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The 2018 Supreme Court’s ruling in ... (Read More)

(Issue Story)

Letter from London, May 2019
by Ian McKay,

There are Impressionists and Post-Impressionists and moderns contributing to the pictorial content of this month’s “Letter,” but in terms of sheer numbers it is an exceptional collection of Lalique wares that leads the illustration count. Elsewhere there are dummy boards and walking sticks, something for those who like to row, and, ... (Read More)
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